Order a logo or icon, read terms, and get answers to questions you didn't really ask, but might have.

What can I order?

How do I order?

Tell me what you need in an email. I'll reply within two days. Probably.


What is your price?

That's up to you. Previous order was 6.000 NOK.

What is first payment?

First payment is 20 % of the quote. Paid up front before I start working. I do this to get payment if you decide to cancel your order. For whatever reason. It's substracted from the invoice.

How long does a design take?

As long as it has to. I care about what I deliver, not when. Previous order took 5 hours.

What happens when I order?

I lean back and spend valuable time to understand your order. Then I ask you questions. I do this to verify that I understand you. So the design fits you! When I understand what you want and we agree, I'll send you a quote.

Let's say that you say yes to the quote and want to work with me. Then you pay the first payment. I'll sketch out ideas until you see the one design that you need. The next step in our adventure is to turn the sketch into a final design.

When you're happy with the design, you pay for the invoice. Then you receive design files that are ready to use. Such as updating your website or putting it on t-shirts.

What if I'm not happy?

It isn't ok that you're not happy. I'll do what I can to improve. If we don't agree on how to progress, you can always cancel your order. But your first payment will not be refunded.

I live far away, is that a problem?

No, that would be strange! I work remotely. If you want to talk about a design in depth, I'm available for video calls.

If you're nearby, I'm always up for milk with coffee.