You know those things made by people that make you say argh this is not good? I try to make the opposite.

I think part of the key to make something good, is to ask you what you need and why, share and discuss early and often, and improve until you're happy.

And when the path takes a turn, that's part of the adventure.

Image above: Me.
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As a kid I doodled and tried to understand why people liked what they saw. Later in life I found out that I could study and work with design. That was fun!

I was six when dad brought home our first computer. It was fun to create and it didn't take long before I broke something. I studied electronics and information technology to learn how computers work. One day I bought a drawing tablet to design a bookshelf, and suddenly I had studied visual design. Fast forward and I've co-founded a game development studio, worked with support and web in information technology, and designed graphic, motion, content, user interface, and user experience in advertising.


Today I work as a designer and developer in a team that make healthcare services for people inside and outside of a hospital.

I live with my flock of four humans and three cats in Norway.

Image above: My office at home that doesn't look like this now. I should find a new image.

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