I'm a visual designer who fell into user interfaces. And then stumbled into user interaction design.

I get your idea on paper. 

To do this well, I think that the key is to listen. To take tiny steps that are shared early, and often. When the path takes a turn, it's part of the adventure.

Do you need a logo or icons for your adventure?

A bit, or lot, about me

As a kid I liked to draw, and explore why B was better than A or C.

As a teenager I discovered computers. I studied electronics and IT. Along the way I picked up a drawing tablet, this was the best thing ever! Being a curious soul, I had to learn visual design. So I studied that, and game design.

I started a game development studio with good friends from the university. We didn't publish any game. It was a fun ride!

Skip years ahead and I've worked in IT, and visual, motion, and web design for clients in recruitment advertising.

Today I design user interfaces and patterns (or interactions) for services in healthcare. I enjoy working inside a cross disciplinary product team with short distances.

Oh, and I run my own design studio where I design icons and logos. It's coincidentally the website you're reading now.

I live with my flock of four humans and three cats in Norway.

My home office, filled with things that I like, like Buzz Lightyear, Pikachu, Super Mario and Luigi, and plants
I’m quite happy with new glasses

I like

Link (or Zelda)