I'm a visual designer who fell into user interface design. And then stumbled into user experience design.

I turn ideas (yours too) into visual shapes.

To do this well, I think the key is to listen, to take tiny steps, and to share early and often. And when the path takes a turn, that's part of the adventure.

A picture of me with glasses so I can see

Bla bla bla

As a kid I doodled and tried to understand why people like what they see. Later in life I found out that both are full time jobs, kind of.

I was six when I met the computer and it didn't take long before I broke it. I studied electronics and IT to understand how computers work. Along the way I picked up a drawing tablet! Onward to study visual design!

Skip years ahead and I’ve co-founded a game development studio, worked in IT, and visual, motion, and UI and UX design in recruitment advertising.

Today I work as a UI and UX designer in a tiny product team that create digital services for users of and in a hospital.

I live with my flock of four humans and three cats in Norway.

An image of my office, with my iPad, a dinosaur, Miu the cat, a Gameboy, and much more

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