Ah, the about page! Much can be said about the about page, and often is.

I'm Joacim. I'm a dad and designer (sometimes wizard 🧙‍♂️). I live in Norway with my tiny family of four, and a flock of animals.

I love telling stories and guiding users with design. I also like figuring out and questioning why we interact the way that we do, or don't.

A black and white photograph of Joacim Eldre in his thirties, looking quite happy

I enjoy reading books, drinking milk with coffee in it, growing plants and trees, building LEGO and kicking round objects with my kids, drawing faces on things, and going on adventures.

In my sparetime (what's sparetime?) I design logos and doodle.

My style is inspired by comic shows like Adventure Time and Hilda. And a video game or two, too. What I draw is inspired by my kids, animals, life and people.