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Homemade icons

Home- and handmade icons made to fit the look and feel of exactly whatever you want them to.

Who: Myself.

What: Icons.

Why: To learn and make a bunch of fun icons.

Role: Icon designer.

Tools: Figma, iPad. 

When: March, 2023. Ongoing.

You can grab stickers, clothes, and more with icons in my print on demand shop. Link opens in a new tab.

It's different

What do you do when you need an icon that explain a unique function in your product, and the icon has to fit your style?

There's a chance that the icon library you use, won't fit.

Your choice

Do you use an icon that isn't a perfect match or do you make an icon that fits the style of your product? Your users will notice the difference.

Below are a few icons I've made.

Icons: Heart, skull, robot, game controller, bomb, diamond, lollipop, candy, ghost
Icons: Beach ball, sand castle, ice cream, conch, palm island, donut, flip flops, rubber duck, drink
Icons: Shield, hourglass, sword, magic wand, crystall ball, wizard hat, key, eye, DND dice
Icons: Stairway in door, popsicle, handheld game console, bear, house and garden, carrot, coffee cup, potted plant, calendar
Icons: Pine tree, gingerbread person, ornament, wooly hat, stocking, scarf, present, snowflake, candy cane