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Nerdy proud logo for Laaknor IT

I designed a proud and nerdy logo for Laaknor IT, that makes them different in a sea of sameness.

Who: Laaknor IT. An IT consulting company.

What: Logo.

Why: To be different in a sea of sameness.

Role: Logo designer.

Tools: Figma, iPad, pen, and paper.

When: May, 2023.

Rough sketches in a paper notebook
Refined rough sketches in a paper notebook
More refining, now the logosymbol is digital
Exploring fonts and weights for logotype
A tiny visual guide with font and color
Final logo, dark on light
Final logo, light on dark
Final logo, light on blue primary

This was a fun project. Thoughts went back and forth between my client and me. I sketched from nothing, they gave honest feedback based on their needs.

I spent the most time on picking a primary color that work well. In the end we found a color that looks like the blue screen of death in some Windows operating systems. We're computer nerds after all.

It would be fun to refine the core idea with two logos. Perhaps a sad screen with the sword inside, and a happy screen without the sword inside. To tell the tale of the sad to happy customer experience.