Hello! I'm Joacim. I'm a dad, designer and maker of things.

I design logos, doodle, illustrate and dabble in user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX).

A few things I've made

Animols. This is an ongoing personal project to improve and find my illustration and drawing style. More to come. 🐷🦝🦄

Illustration of monsters and a turquoise cat

Illustration of monsters and a turquoise cat. 🐱

Inspired by cartoon shows like Adventure Time, Bluey, Centaurworld and more. Vibrant and vivid colors, silly, whimsical and exaggerated shape language.

Logo and branding for a local one-man arborist company.

He chops trees and is really good at that. 🌳

Logo for a guy who loves to adventure in the Norwegian nature.

He captures hikes and trips and the result is great videography.

Logo and branding for Ready Set Play, a video game community. 🎮

I created their logo, shape language and mobile and desktop website mock-ups.

Figma mock-ups.

UX and content/copywriting for Stadia Stats, a website where Google Stadia players can track their progress, achievements and more across video games and compare to others.

I created several mock-ups of functions in mobile and desktop, designed sub pages and wrote content.

Figma mock-ups.

Social and a shop

You can find me on Twitter and Dribbble.

I have a shop on Redbubble with stickers, shirts, pins, and more.

Say hi

Want something made? Send me a message on joacimeldre at gmail.com or Twitter and we go from there.