Hei, I'm Joacim. ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm a designer based in Norway. I design playful logos and doodles. Say hi: hello@joacimeldre.com

A logo for Ready Set Play, the design includes a game console controller and a slingshot

Logo, brand, UI and UX design. Tap to see more

A logo for I Tretoppen, the design includes a tree with a undercut
A logo for Seahill, the design includes waves, a hill and a sun
An animation of a toggle that switches the background color from white to yellow to turquoise to pink to white
A drawing of Miu in various positures with several strange expressions, and a cat butt

Illustrations, drawings, doodles. Tap to see more

A doodle of three monsters and a donut in the sky, imaged by a five year old kid
A doodle of four animals, a pig, a cat, a unicorn, and a goose

I'm currently doodling Miu, a purple cat. Designing a logo. Looking for a full-time job in design or tech.