Strim gathers TV and streaming from providers into one service.

Who: Strim.

What: Home screen of Strim's Android app.

Why: To give the user more and quicker access to streamable content.

Role: UI and UX designer.

Tool: Figma.

When: January, 2023.

Disclaimer: This is a case study. It isn't real. I don't work for Strim, do you? Steal this and use it to improve. Give me a reference if you're kind.

Before and after redesign


To save space I gathered logo, search, cast, and profile/account into an omnifield at the top of the app.

Using an omnifield is risky, because it's an uncommon user experience pattern. But this is exploration and fun, so I wanted to push.

Content first

Featured content has gotten bigger cards with more soul and identity, less details.

Rating, genre, description, and more details is moved one level in. So the user don't have to see excess information, and can discover more content and faster.

Scroll groups

I made the headings for the scrollgroups interactive, and pushed popular content to the top of the user inerface. 

I also made it easier to continue to watch content where you stopped.

I made small chips to show information in various ways. These chips can also be used as filters when searching and sorting.

The cards under Fortsett å se (Continue watching) has a More button where you can remove the card from the row, show more information (takes you into the landing page for that episode), rate the content, or download it for offline viewing.

More button default.

More button active.

I also added a timeline to show remaining time for the content that you have started to watch. If the content is a series it will also show which season and episode you're currently watching.

Bottom navigation

Kategorier (categories) and Favoritter (favorites) are new buttons in the botom navigation. Both are quick access to find content.

Søk (search) and Min konto (my account) have been moved to the omnifield at the top of the app.

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