Miu does things is a series of doodles about a purple cat doing things. 🐱

Miu popped into life one day I wanted to doodle. A good amount of animals were doodled, but Miu stood out.

Perhaps it's because I like cats? Miu is inspired by many cats I've met in my life so far. From small and playful, to large and cuddly.

My goal is to create illustrations that tell stories of Miu on their many adventures, like:

  • finding cave drawings deep in a jungle cave that show a story of a once great, but now extinct cat civilization.

  • fishing for donut-fish on the lake in a fancy cat-boat.

  • on the beach building a nice sand castle in tribute to the great fish god Oglaburb. Who is a crab, bit weird.

  • and more.

You can buy stickers and other items on Redbubble, or donate a donut on Ko-fi.

Need a logo or doodle? Let's work together. Send me a message on hello@joacimeldre.com and I'll get back to you with details and pricing.

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