Miu is a purple cat who does things. I doodle them for fun. 🐱

Miu is inspired by cats I've met in my life. From small and playful to large and cuddly.

My far ahead plan is to doodle Miu on their many adventures, like:

  • Miu finding a cave opening with wall paintings that tell great tales of an extinct cat civilization. 🐱

  • Miu building a sand castle in tribute to the great fish god Oglaburb. Who's a crab, oddly enough. πŸ¦€

If you'd like to support Miu, they accept donuts through Ko-fi. 🍩

A doodle of a cat eating a donut
A doodle of a cat riding a skateboard
A doodle of a skeleton of a cat
A doodle of a meditating cat with a square and a third eye
A doodle of a cat petting a bird
A doodle of a cat trying to dab, but looking like spaghetti
A doodle of a cat acting like a dinosaur