Miu is a cat in a large, and oddly familiar, world.


It was a dark and rainy autumn day when I decided to find my own style. Many brush strokes later, and a while longer, a little cat was looking up at me.

That cat was Miu. 

What if Miu becomes a toy one day? Until then you can buy Miu stickers, clothes, and more on Redbubble.

The many expressions and poses of Miu
Miu as a rainbow to celebrate Pride
Rainbow happens when Miu meets donut
A look at Miu’s insides through x-ray
Tiny drawings of tiny Miu and friends
Miu meditates, and gets a third eye
Tiny doodles of tiny Miu and friends
Miu and the gang, also referred to as animols
Miu’s many faces, top left to right down: Sad, Surprised, Happy, Uncertain, Satisfied, Shocked
Miu whistles while they walk down the street