What is a logo? And what do you mean when you say a logo is like a face?

August 9th, 2023.

What is a logo?

A logo is typically a symbol, custom text, or both.

You get a logo to show your face, to show your product in a way that is easy to understand. The first impression.

So how do you get a logo that fits you? Good question. I don't have the answer, but you have to figure out if you want a logo that is abstract or concrete.

Abstract and concrete

Let's say you're starting a bank that offers loans and ways to save money. Now you need a logo. How about a coin? That's concrete. Easy to understand.

But in a year, you expand your services. You now offer insurance and property services as well. 

The coin doesn't make as much sense. Maybe a circle inside a square? It's abstract and can handle change.

Logo, Spotify


Their logo is simple. Perhaps to the point of seeming dumb. 

You might even think "I could make that" right now. And maybe you could. But what looks simple is often not.

It's three soundwaves inside a circle. Rounded edges give a look that's comfortable, almost inviting. It says much with little. 

So little that Spotify can introduce new services without having to change their whole identity.

But why is it a good logo? It balances abstract and concrete.