What are icons? When and why should you use icons?

A lot with less

Icons are visual symbols that explain function.

Image language is easier to understand than written language because it relates to how you understand, feel, and see the world. Image language is also, sort of, familiar across cultures.

An icon can say a lot with less.

Yeah, but this is different

What do you do when you need an icon that visually explains a feature that is unique to your product? It should also fit the visual style of your brand.

There's a chance that the icon library you use for icons, won't exist and won't look like what you need for your product or brand.

Icons: Heart, skull, robot, game controller, bomb, diamond, lollipop, candy, ghost
Icons: Beach ball, sand castle, ice cream, conch, palm island, donut, flip flops, rubber duck, drink
Icons: Shield, hourglass, sword, magic wand, crystall ball, wizard hat, key, eye, DND dice
Icons: Lightning bolt, sun, stars, noon, planet, rainbow in clouds, rain, lightning from cloud, meteor
Icons: Stairway in door, popsicle, handheld game console, bear, house and garden, carrot, coffee cup, potted plant, calendar
Icons: Pine tree, gingerbread person, ornament, wooly hat, stocking, scarf, present, snowflake, candy cane

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