What are icons? Why not only use text? It's less work, and easy.

July 18th, 2023.

An icon is

An icon is a tiny symbol that is universally understood. At least some of them. Wherever and whoever you are. A house means home, an arrow means direction.

But what when an icon has to explain something that doesn't exist, or fit your style?

To say much with little

An icon can say much with little. It should be easy to read on anything. From small badges to large signs. A lot of care goes into designing good icons. Probably more than what you see.

Below you can see some icons that I've created. For various purposes. They're part of an icon set, or iconography if you want to be fancy.

Ikoner: Hjerte, Hodeskalle, Robot, Spillkontroll, Bombe, Diamant, Kjærlighet på pinne, Drops, Spøkelse
Ikoner: Badeball, Sandslott, Kuleis i kjeks, Skjell, Palme på øy, Donut/Smultring, Flip flops, Badeand, Drink med paraply
Ikoner: Skjold, Timeglass, Sverd, Tryllestav, Spåkule/Krystlalkule, Trollhatt, Nøkkel, Øye, Tjuesidet terning (D20)
Ikoner: Lyn, Sol, Stjerner, Måne, Planet, Skyer og regnbue, Regn, Sky og lyn, Meteor
Ikoner: Dør, Is på pinne, Gameboy, Isbjørn, Hus med hage, Gulrot, Kaffekopp, Inneplante, Kalender